About Us

At Blue Life, we are helping home-owners to get their home improvement projects, DONE. 

We are helping contractors get paid in chunks and when the work is complete. We bring quality leads to contractors so they don't have to worry about getting paid. We use verified contractors to get the job done so the home-owners don't have to worry about their investment.

There are so many unknowns in the construction industry that home-owners worry about and end up dropping $15B* worth of projects in California alone. We are solving the unknowns by the means of reliable tools so the home improvement market brew the entire $20B* in California.

(* Data aggregated from a study conducted by Primen)


Proprietary immutable Smart Contract driven approvals and mediation.


Proprietary loan backed commitment to ensure start and finish of the work.


Deliver timely updates, offer reasonable mediation and consensus based payments.


Reduce cost by leverage distributed immutable storage.                                      

We are standing by to answer any questions. Please write to us at hello@bluelife.io